Talent Gap is a specialist consultancy helping companies achieve a clear competitive edge through gender balance.


With our award-winning talent attraction strategies and innovative solutions, we give our clients accelerated access to a targeted, richer and more diverse talent pool.

Finding the best person for the job means access to 100% of the talent pool

Attracting more female professionals and achieving higher levels of inclusive talent has become a business imperative.


A company with gender equality generates higher innovation, performs better and makes better decisions. Research has shown that when you have a diverse group of people solving a problem, you'll get a much better outcome.

But outdated recruitment methods are no longer successful.


Talent Gap is a proud official supporter of WGEA Pay Equity.


We are starting our product development journey with a digital diversity platform to discover top talent within your unique talent ecosystem.

Get in touch today and let’s get started on creating your workforce of the future.


Thanks for your interest in our company and the issue of gender balance.


If you’re looking to make significant change, please get in touch today.

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